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If Education is on your social responsibility priority list, you're in the right place!

We have different levels for companies and organizations to engage. Contact us now to discuss the many ways you can help our community of students, teachers and parents from Title 1 schools and communities to excel academically.

You can sponsor:
  • Your very own Virtual Communications Office where kids explore careers relevant to your company
  • Career videos from your staff to help our kids explore careers
  • Family, Class, School, Library memberships
  • Parenting, Finance, ESL, Computer Courses for parents
  • Your branded rewarding zone where kids play games and collect virtual gifts

Want to start right away?

Here's all they can do with the credit:
Family Membership $50 (on sale until the Three Kings)
Tutoring session - Homework help $30
Getting Smarter Session $30
Class Membership $200 (on sale until the Three Kings)
Daycare/Preschool Membership $300 (on sale until the Three Kings)
Spanish Courses $80
Remedial Math/ELA/ESL Courses $150
Minecraft - (Java/C+/Coding) Courses $150